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Inspired from the beginning

Our design mavens are continually looking ahead to help you create the home you’ll adore.


Royal Image is one of the few manufacturers that offers three different installation methods so that you could enjoy a hardwood floor in each corner.


Our DuraMatt and Nanolinx finish (based on nanotechnology) make our floors one of the most wear-resistant in the industry. Rest assured that your floor will be guarded against the daily scuff for years.


Our pledge to unparalleled quality translated into a sublime hardwood floor to step-up the value of your home.

“Durability, uniformity, added value, stability, better air quality, and long-lasting great looks.”

Eco-Friendly and 100% proudly Canadian made.

Royal Image is widely famous for its impeccable manufacturing quality and supreme craftsmanship. All our products are eco-friendly and made from Canadian hardwood that will last for decades. We proudly invite you to visit our store and witness a wide range of 100% Canadian made hardwood flooring products.

Why Royal Image

Over 35 years ago, we realized that wood is a natural material and requires a distinguished approach. Since then, we have committed to offering the best quality and environment-friendly products.


Our hardwood floors are safe and eco-intelligent. Royal Image Greenguard Certified Completion is made of 100% unadulterated soybean oil, the healthiest choice for you and your family. Our team of around 230 members is concerned about the environment and focused on reducing the environmental impact.


With more than 3000 possible mixtures of colors, thickness, finishes, and widths, our product offering is extensive and varied. We have categorized our products majorly into Origins, Exotic, Design, Elegancia and Nature. You can easily define your style and discover the best look for your home or office interiors. Royal Image mouldings and vents are finished in our premises, guaranteeing an ideal fit and color match.

Durability and

We offer the best 35-year residential warranty, topped with a commercial warranty for 5 years on light construction projects. Royal Image generations finish is not only durable but also provides a smooth surface that adds to the appearance.

Unmatched Quality
and Expertise

35 years of experience, combined with innovative technology and a committed team, enables us to offer the best flooring products in the industry. With a plethora of control points starting from the receipt of the wood logs, to the entire finishing process, through to our ultra-precise framework for measuring and grading boards, we can provide indispensable quality at each step of the production cycle.

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