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    Royal Image produces trendy and superior quality hardwood floors. Regardless of whether you are looking for smooth finish flooring, distressed flooring or a simple advice regarding the best flooring for your home. Each hardwood product manufactured at Royal Image is rigorously tested for its durability and appearance to ensure that the final product exceeds your expectations.

  • Maple

    Maple (Acer saccharum, commonly known as Rock or Sugar Maple) is a medium to hard density fine-grained wood with a smooth uniform texture. The growth rings of this wood are narrow and lightly contrasted. Its sapwood color varies from beige that is nearly white, to an off-white tone, sometimes with a golden or reddish tinge. Thus, making it one of the lightest hardwood species. Its coloration tone alters slightly over time, becoming more golden hued. According to the Janka test, hardness rating of this wood is 1450.

  • Red Oak

    Red Oak (also known as Quercus rubra or champion oak) has a unique, coarse textured grain with apparently noticeable growth rings. The shades of Red oak ranges from somewhat pinkish beige to a medium brown, usually with a reddish tone. Red Oak shades change color moderately after some time ending up becoming slightly amber tinged. In the Janka test, this wood has a hardness rating of 1290.