ROYAL IMAGE is one of the few companies that offer one of the longest wear warranties in the industry. In fact we offer a lifetime structural warranty along with a 35 year wear-through warranty which ensures quality on the finish apart from providing sun-shielding protection, which in other words means non-yellowing.

Lifetime Structural Warranty

We at ROYAL IMAGE warranty all products and grades (except the Rustic grad and substandard boards that are sold in clearance sales). This covers pre-finished, colored or stained boards and warranties them against any structural defects. However, the warranty is available only to the original purchaser who owns and resides in the premises where these products have been installed. The warranty doe not cover if damage has been caused during shipping, installation or storing or for any other reason. Furthermore the warranty applies only for products that are defective in excess of 5% of the total quantity that has been purchases (excluding cutting losses that occur while cutting the boards).


ROYAL IMAGE offers guarantee to the original purchaser to ensure that the finish, i.e. the overall thickness of the applied urethane will be good enough to protect the wood against wear and flaking of the surface in the normal course of household use. This warranty will be valid for a period of 35 years from the date of purchase. It should also be noted that the finish also protects against friction caused by footsteps for many years. Hence it is expect that all ROYAL IMAGE products are expected to show minimum traces of wear, except of course when abrasive substances like salt, sand glass or other materials were present or used on the surface. Further for the warranty to hold good, it is expected that the floor has been maintained regularly as per the guidelines and instructions laid down by the manufacturer.


The warranty will not hold good if animal claws, high-heeled shoes or any object that is pointed and sharp has been used on the floor. Further more using of heavy objects on the floor can damage the wood surface and finish for which we will not be responsible.

Obligations of ROYAL IMAGE

As per the existing and prevailing warranty terms, ROYAL IMAGE is responsible for any of the following occurrences or situations and it is at the discretion of the company to exclude any other form of compensation.

  1. To ensure supply of material to replace boards that is defective.
  2. To ensure resurfacing of the flooring in an area where the urethane has been completely worn out.
  3. To compensation will be equal to the purchase price of the defective boards.

In cases there is a warranty claim, it has to be noted that the claimant is liable to advance payment of a franchise equivalent to 1/300 of costs incurred by ROYAL IMAGE to help give the corrective measure as stipulated above. The advance payment should be made to ROYAL IMAGE and the franchise amount shall be calculated by multiplying the total number of months that have elapsed from the date of purchase of the product by the claimant from ROYAL IMAGE.


ROYAL IMAGE does not own responsibility and the terms of the warranty will not be applicable and no compensation will be payable on the following eventualities.

  • Other damages that have not been covered under “Obligations of ROYAL IMAGE”. This includes without limitation loss of use space, cost of moving, expenses incurred in the hotel, loss of goods and time.
  • If the product has been installed in basement, in a room equipped with heating that is radiant and if it has been installed on a floor of concrete.
  • If the damage is not due to a manufacturing defect.
  • If the defects have been caused because of inadequate storage or transportation and also due to poor preparation of the surface. Furthermore, if the installation is not in line with the manufacturer’s recommendation, then the warranty will not hold good.
  • If there is not sufficient proof to show that maintenance guidelines recommended by ROYAL IMAGE have been followed.
  • If the damage has been caused by use of abrasive materials like salt, sand, glass or other substances. Other things include fallen and scraping objects, movement of furniture with or without caster, damage caused by pets, high-heeled shoes, regular hitting an scratching of the objects and for uses other than for residential purposes.
  • Damage that is caused by a change in humidity of the wood either by a flood, too much of heating of even of necessary heat.
  • If repairs have been carried out without the prior written permission of ROYAL IMAGE.
  • For installation and repair of boards that were damaged before such repair.
  • Damage caused by scratches, marks or dents which are the result of daily use and /or due to installation.
  • Product discoloration.
  • Reduction in level of gloss
  • Any change to the product that is caused not by premature loss of shine or wear and tear of the product.
  • Shipping and Transportation costs.
  • Absence of proof provided by the customer regarding the purchase date of the ROYAL IMAGE product.
  • When the product is not installed over a minimum of 5/8 A.P.A. approved, C.S.P/D.F.P – C.O. F.I, Stamped Plywood, minimum 23/32 O.S.B. Underlay PS2-92 or 5/8 tongue and groove boards.
  • When particle is used as sub-floor.

All ROYAL IMAGE wood products are manufacturer from natural material. It is quite possible that 5% of the wood that is purchased may not be used. Furthermore it is quite normal for wood to change color on exposure to sunlight. There could also be discoloration to the wood in areas where the flooring is covered by carpets, rugs or any such objects for long periods of time.

Applicable Laws:

The warranty is governed by the laws applicable and in force in the province of Ontario, except the rules that govern conflict of the laws or any other new law.

Claim Procedures

If the customer is desirous of filing a claim during the warranty period and before any change has happened to the flooring, the claimant must file a complaint, along with a copy of the purchase invoice from the retailer from whom the products have been purchased. If the dispute remains unresolved at the retailer’s level, customers are requested to send a copy of the aforementioned document on the same day. The dealer will make arrangement for the visit of an authorized ROYAL IMAGE representative to inspect your floor. In the course on inspection, ROYAL IMAGE reserves the right to inspect and take some samples away for finding out the real cause of complaint which could be covered under the warranty.